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7738 (624 New ) Photos (as of July 13, 2013) and counting!

NEW Photos are listed first.

Frederick Military Academy Campus Site Survey May 25, 2012
FMA on campus May 25th 2012  (Web masters private collection)

May 28, 2012 Laying of headstone for Booster Tex Lindsey and Dora Mae Highsmith paid for by cadets
Booster Lindsey and Dora Mae Highsmith Grave Marker Ceremony May 28 2012   (Web masters private collection)

May 28, 2012 unplanned Mini-reunion at Rick Matthews '62 eatery
Unplanned Mini Reunion May 28, 2012  (Web masters private collection)

December 15th, 2012 Second Mini-reunion photos  
December 2012 Min-reunion  (Web masters private collection)

Granville Hogg's Annual freeze your ASS off oyster roast on Virginia's Eastern Shore.
Granville Hogg's 2013 Oyster Roast    (Web masters private collection)

May 25th, 2013 Third Mini-reunion photos May 25th 2013 Mini Reunion  (Web masters private collection)


Mothers Day 1967 (Photos from Mark Jones '67) here. Photos copyright FMAAA and Mark Jones - used by permission.)Photos obtained from Mark Jones.

Booster "Tex" Lindsey College Football Pictures from East Carolina are here.(Photos copyright East Carolina University - used by permission.)Photos obtained by Art "T" Taylor.

Granville Hogg's Cookout - In January Granville Hogg had a few friends over to his Eastern Shore home. Some FMA cadets were there. See them here.( Photos copyright Granville Hogg and Art "T" Taylor)

The Forgotten 14 - These are the 14 members of the first four year class to graduate FMA. See the here.(Photo copyright Art "T" Taylor)

Save Our Schools Poster VERY RARE - This poster made in 1985 was put around town to raise money to save FMA. See it here.(Web masters private collection.

Officer's Insignia - a couple of sleeve insignia for officers. See them here. (Web masters private collection)

FMA Plaque - a ceramic plaque of the FMA seal. See it here. (Web masters private collection)

Company Flagstaff Banner (FMA) - a company flagstaff FMA banner. See it here. (Web masters private collection)

2011 REUNION Photos!

Roger Adcock Jr. '65 Reunion photos (Photos property of Roger Adcock Jr. ) (14 photos)

Roger Adcock Jr. Photos

2011 Reunion Photos by Debbie Bell (Web masters private collection)(1924 photos)

This year we were fortunate enough to have a cadet - Jerry Yagen '64 provide us free access and AIRPLANE RIDES at the Military Aviation Museum he owns in Virginia Beach! We had a ball and can never thank him enough. To see what you missed visit his website here. We even witnessed a small banner plane crash upon landing!

Mrs. Adeline Plaine Collection
(Web masters private collection)

Colonel Robert Curtis Plaine, USAR Funeral Pictures
(Web masters private collection)
Clarissa "Mom" Wade Collection (Deceased Dietitian from FMA)
(Web masters private collection)

Samuel Reynolds Private Collection
(Web masters private collection)

Frederick Military Academy Today
(Web masters private collection)
Frederick Military Academy Reunions
(Web masters private collection)

Sanborne Fire Maps of FMA and Pre FMA (Carver Homes)
(Web masters private collection)

Sanbone Fire Maps are not really maps at all. They are an actual physical outline of buildings on a street grid so that the actual shape of the building (to scale) is shown. When they would update the map they would simply paste any changes over the old data. So we have many years in this collection.

Frederick Military Academy Special Events
(Photos property of Frederick Military Academy Alumni Association)

Frederick Military Academy Military Photos
(Photos property of Frederick Military Academy Alumni Association)
Sports (all)
(Photos property of Frederick Military Academy Alumni Association)

Cadet Collections

John Lash Collection (rescued from FMA) In 1985, when FMA shut down, there came a time when First Hospital Corp. (purchaser of the FMA property)decided that all military academy items they could not sell - had to be disposed of in the trash. Fortunately, David Pinkerman (now deceased) who was a nephew of Mrs. Ralph Warren - Registrar in the 1970s called a cadet. David called John Lash and told him our heritage was being disposed of in dumpsters on FMA property. John drove his pickup several times from Newport News that night under cover of darkness and rescued all the memorabilia you see on display at the reunion today! These photographs are from that day.

(Photos property of Frederick Military Academy Alumni Association and John Lash)

Joe Delacey Collection

(Photos property of Joe Delacey)

Robert C. Spadaccini Collection

(Photos property of Robert C. Spadaccini)

Frederick Military Academy Special Collection

Yearbooks by Request

FMA Yearbooks (BY REQUEST ONLY- you may request years that you attended. They will be emailed to you.)


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